WEBINAR 1 July 2020

Michael Durrant is joined by Ian Johnsen (Wollongong) and Janine Waldman and Paul Z Jackson (both from London)
for a discussion of Solution-Focused conversations and COVID-19.


Paul and Janine are Directors of The Solutions Focus and they offer online training in various aspects of Solution Focused coaching, organisational consulting and so on. Their web site is http://www.thesolutionsfocus.co.uk/

SF Coaching for the Workplace - a 4 week on-line programme.
Learn how to coach and empower your people through simple, effective conversations. Join our waiting list to get more details about the programme and receive all sorts of goodies such as top tips for:

  •     How to achieve more by telling people less
  •     How to unlock the hidden powers of your telephone for more connected conversations
  •     What you must remember to get a first coaching session off to a great start
  •     How to use praise to promote performance

Click here: https://mailchi.mp/082ce3ef2475/imguz5kvqu

SF24 - Building hope, empowering change    A globe-girdling conference — 6th & 7th August 2020
24 hours of Solution Focus going round the world from 2pm European time on 6th august 2020 till 2pm 7th August.
Four Regions; Four Time Zones; an oodleplex of skills, ability and talent on display from around the world.
Workshops, presentations, open spaces, panels. All in the comfort of your own home.
Come and contribute; come and listen; come and network; come and share the buzz that Solution Focus creates!
If you would like to contribute, please contact sflatt@liverpool.ac.uk in the first instance.
We will be posting all the zoom links and information on here: https://ukasfp.org/page/Conference2020



The Solution-Focused Collective is delighted to be hosting another event for those of us in the SF community who want to explore using SF methodology for creating social change.  While the majority of time will be spent in small group discussions, we do have two speakers giving short talks to inspire the discussion, Elliott Connie, who you all know is the only Black leader in the SF field and Ellie Williams, the Director of Operations of TakeOff, the UK's only fully service-user run mental health service.

It's taking place on July 4th 13:30-15:30 British Summer Time.

You can find out more and also register here https://solfocollective.net/2020/06/19/actionspace/ and there is an image with different time zones on it so we hope to welcome people from around the world.

solfocollective.net - the website of the Solution-Focused Collective.
https://stevefreeman.org.uk/communities-of-practice-and-sfp/  - on solution-focused communities of practice (note the three links at the bottom of this short piece)
www.zebra.coop - website of the Zebra Collective
www.guyshennan.com/community - the relevant pages on Guy Shennan's website
Shennan, G. (2020) Towards a critical solution-focused practice? In Journal of Solution-Focused Practices, forthcoming edition
Shennan, G. & Gardiner, M (2018) Collectivising solution-focused practice, in Critical and Radical Social Work,  6, 3, 419-424



How will you know that you are dealing with this time of difficulty and worry in a way that fits for you?

Tell me 10 things that you will notice about yourself that will show that you are dealing with this time in the way that is best for you
And which of those things will you want to be part of the post-COVID you?

Let’s imagine that we’ve entered the Post-COVID time … we’re into the “new normal” (whatever that is) … and you look back on this period of lockdown and restriction … what will you be most pleased to remember about yourself? About what you did? About how you managed?
What will your husband/wife/family have noticed about you?

(Thanks to Evan George from BRIEF in London)