The Australasian Association for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is the association for Solution-Focused practitioners in Australia and New Zealand. After four successful conferences in Australia, the association's fifth annual conference was be held this year in Sydney; however COVID-19 intervened!

The Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy was established as a peer-reviewed, academic standard journal published by AASFBT on behalf of the international Solution-Focused community, with an international Editorial Board. Michael Durrant was privileged to be the Founding Editor of the journal and to help establish something that will hopefully contribute to the longevity and academic acceptance of the Solution-Focused approach. Under the new Editor, Dr Sara Smock Jordan, and the President of AASFBT, David Hains, the journal has now been relaunched as the Journal of Solution Focused Practice and is available online as an Open Access publication that is FREE FOR EVERYONE.

The MRI (Mental Research Institute) is really where it all began.

Building on the work of the Bateson project, John Weakland, Paul Watzlawick & Dick Fisch established the "brief therapy project" and introduced us to a brief, interactional approach. MRI continues as a centre for the study of human interaction and the Brief Therapy Project continues.

Don Jackson was the founder of the MRI and one of the early proponents of "the interactional view". He is considered by many to be the founder of family therapy. This useful site about Jackson is maintained by Wendel Ray.

Since the deaths of both Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, The Brief Family Therapy Center (known as BFTC) in Milwaukee USA — the home of solution-focused brief therapy (and where it began) no longer exists. The BFTC web site has also been closed.


The Solution-Focused Brief Family Therapy Association is not only the major association and meeting place of Solution-Focused practitioners in North America — with an annual conference, scholarships, promoting training and more — but SFBTA now also holds much of the material previously published online by Steve and Insoo. — the SFBTA web site, with conference and other information. Click on Store to see the range of BFTC books, CDs and DVDs and tapes available for purchase.

Wally Gingerich was one of the original team in Milwaukee who developed the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach and he brought a particular passion for research and academic rigour to the work.

In particular, Wally and colleagues have put together two reviews of outcome research in Solution-Focused brief therapy. The original review was published in Family Process in 2000 and an updated research review in 2013.

BRIEF is a group of Solution-Focused Brief practitioners in the heart of London, England and are the leading providers of Solution-Focused training in Europe. Their web site has details of training, consulting and therapy.

Chris Iveson, Evan George and Harvey Ratner are among the busiest people I know, although they always have time to have fun as well!

They provide therapy services and coaching and have written extensively about both. Two of their books Solution Focused Brief Therapy — 100 key points and techniques and Brief Coaching — a solution focused approach are highly recommended, comprehensive manuals for practitioners.

Harry and Jocelyn Korman are therapists and trainers in Sweden, and Harry is the person who manages the online Solution-Focused Therapy discussion list. Check out their home page, including a number of useful papers.

Harry's paper "On the ethics of diagnosis" raises some interesting issues about the kinds of questions we use and suggests that being helpful and refining a diagnosis might be mutually exclusive activities. The text of the article is on the website. So are some other useful articles, including his essential chapter about creating "a common project" with clients.

Resolutions Consultancy is Andrew Turnell's business in Perth, Western Australia. Andrew is co-founder of the Signs of Safety approach — an innovative safety-oriented approach to Child protection casework, which is firmly grounded in Solution-focused Brief Therapy.

The Signs of Safety approach has attracted international attention and is being used in child protection jurisdictions in North America, Europe and Australasia. In particular, Andrew and two colleagues are undertaking the £4.7 million England Innovations Project, working intensively with ten local authorities in England.The project involves fully implementing the Signs of Safety practice in each local authority and working with each authority to re-design their organisational procedures and functioning to better support the approach in helping children, young people and families.

Previously a member of the ground-breaking team at BRIEF in London, Guy Shennan now operates as an independent consultant in Solution-Focused Practice in London.

"I use [Solution-Focused] in my practice as a coach, counsellor, consultant and supervisor, and I teach people how to use it in the work that they do. ... I am also an activist and a writer, interested in developing collaborative, creative approaches to all the areas of my work and activity."

Joel Simon offers therapy and training from his base, the Center for Solution Focused training, in upstate New York.

A solution-focused therapist, trainer, supervisor, and organizational consultant with over 30 years of post-graduate experience, Joel is respected internationally ... and his web address makes a clear statement about the numbers that work best when formulating scaling questions scaling questions!

Ben Furman and Tapani Ahola (the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute in Finland) have applied ideas about "solution talk" to a variety of populations. Their "re-teaming" approach uses solution-focused ideas to help build a collaborative approach to problem-solving and solution-building in a variety of practical situations.

They have developed "Kids' skills" — ReTeaming with Children: An Educational and Fun Program for Helping Children Solve Behavioural Problems. This program offers an internationally used approach to therapy with children, an online interactive program and other resources.

The European Brief Therapy Association includes some innovative and progressive therapists and teams and includes a strong focus on research.

EBTA is co-ordinating a research project on Solution-Focused therapy outcome and the EBTA website includes up-to-date summaries of research into SFBT.

The 2018 EBTA Conference is in Sofia, Bulgaria, in September — 21st century solutions - 21 years later.

Dr Alasdair Macdonald has been a Consultant Psychiatrist in the UK public health system for over 30 years, with clinical experience in acute general psychiatry and management experience.

He offers training workshops on solution-focused therapy, solution-focused approaches to mental health work and skills for managing disagreements in the workplace.

Alasdair has published papers on research into effectiveness of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in psychiatric settings and his web site provides up-to-date information on the state of research in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

Dr John Sharry, a key member of the former Brief Therapy Group in Dublin, Ireland, offers training and consultation through his "SolutionTalk" site — and he has a number of publications available which range across Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, positive psychology and parenting.

In his collaboration with the Mater Hospital in Dublin, John is co-developer of the "Parents Plus" range of programs.  There are Solution-Focused parenting group programs — with impressive research backing — which incorporate Solution-Focused principles and tools into structured parenting courses.

Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke are exploring Solution-Focused ideas in wider systems (including business and management) from their base in London. Mark is not a therapist — his academic background is in physics and then business administration — and he has pioneered the application of Solution-Focused ideas in organisational contexts.The book, The Solutions Focus, written by Mark with Paul Z. Jackson, was rated one of the top 30 business books in 2002.

Mark and his colleagues have a world class reputation for really getting to grips with change in complex and ever- changing contexts. They offer practical tools which are used internationally by people wanting to tackle tough situations — in management, coaching, negotiations, conflict, personal effectiveness, just keeping going — in a flexible yet effective way.

Janine Waldman and Paul Z Jackson have a consultancy north of London specialising in Solution-Focused perspectives on change management and organisational design.

Paul and Janine provide training and consulting internationally, offering practical and fun ideas to enhance teamwork, performance management, leadership development and developing an organisation-wide coaching culture.

Director of Solutions Academy, Kirsten Dierolf has been working as coach, team-coach and organisational developer mainly for global corporations since 1996.

Based in Germany, Kirsten has provided executive coaching and/or leadership training to corporations including General Motors, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Bombardier (manufacturer of aeroplanes and trains), ArcelorMittal (a multinational steel manufacturer)) and Novartis International (a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company).

Kirsten has provided training to school personnel in the German states of Hessia and Thuringen and facilitated a leadership exchange between VW managers and school principals.

Solutions Centre is a venture in The Netherlands, established by Insoo Kim Berg, co-founder of Solution-focused Brief Therapy, and Arnoud Huibers, therapist and trainer in The Netherlands. It is an international organisation that aims to disseminate the Solution-Building Model through training and consultation.

Solution-Focused Trainers is a training business in the North of England operated by John Wheeler and Greg Vinnicombe.

John and Greg offer Solution-Focused training at a number of sites in Yorkshire and Tyneside and have worked hard to achieve various accreditation for their training.